Fast Makeover Tips For More Attractive Living Room

Living room is the room that the best reflects our personality, creativity, the sense of art … Do you, sometimes, find yourself in a situation where you look at every corner of your living room and think about which fast changes you can make, in order to feel better and more satisfied? I believe that the answer is yes, so we would like to share with you some useful tips and ideas.

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Many do not dare to experiment with colors because they think that will make a mistake. Most often the people know to leave all walls empty- white, even if the furniture is neutral, as the other decorative elements. This kind of space, after a while, becomes boring and monotonous. We suggest you bring a little life in the space, with the color you love, and you will give the space a part of your personality. It will be enough to paint only the wall above the seating zone in the desired color. After that, connect the other elements in the space with the selected color. Curtains, decorative pads, carpet, tablecloth …, all that should be in the same color or style, connected to each other. If the dining room and the kitchen are connected to the living room, be sure to connect the living room with them, by selecting certain details.

Perhaps your living room is modern, minimalist but becomes somehow boring? Refresh it with a special stylish furniture element that will give you a dose of glamour. To make the impression even more effective, hang a mirror with a gorgeous vintage frame, which will be spotlight in the interior. You will be surprised how this will be a change that will not leave anyone indifferent. If you have too many decorative elements in the space, make a selection of what is really valuable to you and set them in a visible place. These are some simple changes that you can make, and your home will get a new shine!

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16 Amazing DIY Ways To Makeover Your Boring Chandeliers

A small change every once in a while can do wonders for your home decor. What are we suggesting now? It’s quite simple. Changing something as simple as a chandelier can give an entire new look to any room. It can refresh it as well as upgrade its decor.
You won’t usually change your chandelier because they are quite expensive, more than they’re worth anyway. But we are not asking you to replace it. Instead, we are going to show you ways to makeover and update your existing chandeliers without having to spend much money.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve found and featured 16 Amazing DIY Ways To Makeover Your Boring Chandeliers. Check them out below where you can find the tutorials that can instruct you along the way with step by step guides. The projects that we’ve featured in this collection represent great ways to turn your old, boring chandelier into a fresh vintage, farmhouse chandelier or maybe even give it a brand new, modern look. Enjoy!

1. Red Chandelier Makeover

2. DIY Orb Chandelier

3. Farmhouse Style Chandelier Makeover

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4. Spray Painting A Chandelier Navy

5. Bye Bye Brass

6. Brassy To Classy Chandelier

7. DIY Outdoor Chandelier Planter

8. DIY Crystal Chandelier

9. Chandelier Makeover With Chalk Paint

10. Blue Chandelier Redo

11. Chandelier Makeover With Spray Paint

12. Give Your Chandelier A Pop Of Color

13. Restoration Hardware Inspired Chandelier Makeover

14. Super Easy Chandelier Makeover With Spray Paint

15. DIY Simple Chandelier Makeover

16. $20 Brass Chandelier Makeover

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16 Genius DIY Projects Making Use of Faux Marble Finishes

Marble has a very unique and stylish look that simply adds glamour and elegance to any space you need it to. But, marble is also very expensive, especially if you want to buy designer furniture or decor for your home. So, does this mean that you should simply give up on the elegant look that the marble texture and glow can add to your decor just because you can’t afford it?
Absolutely not! We are going to show you a cheaper alternative that looks just like real marble. While the faux marble that we’re going to show you in the projects below doesn’t feel like real marble when you touch it, it also doesn’t have the same price tag as real marble.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’re going to show you 16 Genius DIY Projects Making Use of Faux Marble Finishes.  Check them out below and you’re going to find out how to make crafts that look just like they were made out of marble. Don’t worry, it is very easy to do these projects, especially considering that we’ve made sure to include the step by step tutorials for each of the following designs. Enjoy!

1. DIY Faux Marble Shelf

2. Faux Marble Table Top

3. DIY Faux Marble Lamp

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4. DIY Gold And Faux Marble Nightstand

5. DIY Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

6. Faux Marble Clock

7. Gold Rimmed Faux Marble Coasters

8. DIY Faux Marble Jewelry Display

9. DIY Marble Top Table

10. DIY Marble Jewelry Hanger

11. Ikea Malm Dresser With A Marble Top

12. DIY Faux Marble IKEA Tray

13. Faux Marble End Table

14. Faux Marble Planter DIY

15. DIY Gold And Marble Tray

16. Master Bathroom Marble Vanity Makeover

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15 Exceptional DIY Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen When You’re On A Budget

Does it start to feel like your kitchen might be in need of a complete overhaul? Maybe it does, but if your budget won’t allow that to happen, it is not the end of the world. We have found a bunch of ideas that are going to show you how to makeover your kitchen without breaking the bank. The projects that you’ll see below are cheap but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to make your kitchen look cheap. On the contrary, they are going to allow you to truly feel that your kitchen got a makeover.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featured 15 Exceptional DIY Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen When You’re On A Budget. 
The ideas in this collection are very doable when you don’t want to spend too much money on a complete remodel. They all come with tutorials that are going to show you how to get creative with your kitchen’s new look. Enjoy!

1. Paint Cabinets Without Sanding

2. Install A Backsplash

3. DIY Makeover – Planked Peninsula With Corbels

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4. DIY Wooden Vent Hood

5. Farmhouse Kitchen On A Budget

6. Range Hood Makeover

7. DIY Pot Rack

8. Awesome Kitchen Reveal

9. Chippy Farmhouse Style Buffet

10. Ikea Hack Rustic Bar Galvanized Metal Top

11. Build A Trash Bin With A Butcher Block Countertop

12. DIY Kitchen Island With Trash Storage

13. Kitchen Island With Built In Microwave Storage Shelf

14. DIY Kitchen Island From Dresser

15. DIY Shaker Style Cabinets

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