3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

For many of us, decorating does not come naturally. When we look at a blank room, we do not see a simple way to make it look like home. So if you struggle to make your rooms look absolutely amazing, we’ve got a number of suggestions that we believe will help.

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3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

As an example, let’s say you plan to move into www.eastownla.com apartments, you have this humongous new gorgeous space that’s completely empty, and you have no idea where to begin as far as decorating is concerned. With the tips we’re about to share with you today, you will have a starting point to help you begin the decorating process in your wonderful new home.

With that said, let’s share some simple yet effective decorating tips with you below.

  1. Make Sure You Give Your Furniture Enough Breathing Room

Nobody wants to live in a cramped and cluttered apartment, so you have to provide enough breathing room between your furniture. Even though it can be very tempting to overcrowd a room, you’ll feel stifled, claustrophobic, and really unhappy if you have to spend too much time in a room that’s overcrowded with furniture.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is going to be excellent news because you won’t need to buy too much furniture in order to fill up your apartment. You can leave plenty of space to give the entire apartment breathing room. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy higher-quality pieces of furniture since you won’t have to spend as much money as you may have originally thought.

Leaving breathing room for your furniture is very beneficial in a number of ways. It makes the apartment less claustrophobic, it’s less expensive because you don’t have to buy too much furniture, and it makes every room much more welcoming and inviting.

  1. Choose Your Paint Colors after Moving in

3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

Many people prefer to paint their apartment before they move in, but it’s not the best way to choose your paint color. Logically, it makes more sense to want to paint the apartment before you have all your furniture inside, but it isn’t advised.

Since there are so many colors, it actually makes sense to paint your apartment after you’ve seen the way it looks with your furniture in it, with the light of day shining through the windows, and you’ll also want to see how the apartment looks after you have your lighting in place. If you put in a new gas lantern light from Lantern & Scroll, it may make the room look different than your average electrical fixture, so all these things need to be taken into consideration before choosing your colors and painting your entire apartment.

  1. Tap into Your Creativity While Decorating Your Apartment

As you begin decorating your apartment, you may come across different rules and tips from numerous sources. This information is certainly valuable – otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered writing this – but you also have to remember to let your creativity take hold and bring you on an amazing ride.

When looking over one or more rooms in your new apartment, what do you see? Do you envision a particular piece of artwork on the wall of the bedroom? Or do you feel a certain style and color couch would go great in your living room? If you have any kind of inklings whatsoever, you should give into your creative side and decorate the apartment the way it feels most natural to you.


Now that you’ve found the best apartment for your tastes, it’s time to seriously begin decorating your new place. Use the tips and guidance we’ve shared to make your brand-new living space look and feel absolutely incredible.

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16 Extraordinary Transitional Dining Room Interiors Suitable For Any Home

The transitional dining room design is perfect for those of us who have a contemporary kitchen but also can’t give up our traditional living room because of its warm and cozy look. The transitional style can blend seamlessly with the contemporary and traditional styles because it is, in fact, a combination of the two. If you love the combination of these two styles, then this is a collection that you can’t miss!

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Extraordinary Transitional Dining Room Interiors Suitable For Any Home. The designs that you are going to see below represent the perfect combination of the best features of the contemporary and traditional styles. It is the perfect choice for people who can’t make their minds between the two popular home decor styles. If you are one of them, then make sure to check out the rest of the collections that are a part of this transitional style showcase, featuring designs of the kitchenbathroombedroom, and living room. Enjoy!

1. The Sapphire Project

2. Home in Ridgefield

3. Whole House Renovation Highland Park, IL

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4. The Highlands, North Carolina Residence

5. Modern Loft

6. http://www.osborne-construction.com/

7. Estero FL Home

8. Camelot Park Renovation

9. Brooklyn Heights Duplex

10. Transitional Dining Room

11. Notting Hill Furniture Staging

12. Condo Capistrano Beach

13. Atlanta Alpharetta Modern Luxury Home

14. Transitional Dining Room

15. Luxury Home in Buckhead, Chastain Park, Atlanta Georgia

16. Transitional Dining Room

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15 Spectacular Transitional Living Room Designs You Must See

Do you find yourself constantly looking at traditional and contemporary designs of living room interiors in search of ideas for your home’s remodel? If you can’t make your mind between the two of these styles, do not worry, it is very common because both the contemporary and traditional style have some very characteristic features that any home must have. The solution is quite simple. Pick the best things from the traditional style and the best ones from the contemporary style and you’ll create yourself a transitional living room design that will have everything you want it to.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 15 Spectacular Transitional Living Room Designs You Must See. Take a look at the designs that we’ve featured below and hopefully, you’ll be able to find inspiration for your home’s renovation.
This collection is a part of our recent showcase of the transitional style in which we’ve already featured designs of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Saddlebrooke Retreat

2. Compact Transitional Living Room

3. Contemporary Philadelphia Townhouse

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4. Solterra II

5. 3213 Stevenson

6. Transitional Living Room

7. Modern Farmhouse

8. Blush Beauty

9. Transitional Living Room

10. Dream home

11. Park City Getaway

12. 94th Street Apartment

13. Beautiful New Encino Construction

14. Transitional Private Residence

15. Mountain View Showers Dr

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16 Irresistible Modern Sunroom Designs That Will Secure Its Place In Your Home

There are plenty of people out there that consider the sunroom an extinct room in the modern homes but as usual, we are here to prove otherwise. The modern sunroom is a very viable addition or extension of your modern home, but not for reasons that it first came into existence.
Back then when there were no air conditioners, the sunroom or conservatory was the living room replacement during the summer. Nowadays, the modern sunroom is more of an indoor-outdoor place. In other words, if your home is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment or you have a well-landscaped yard, the modern sunroom will enable you to enjoy it regardless of the weather outside.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Irresistible Modern Sunroom Designs That Will Secure Its Place In Your Home. 
Browse through the designs that we thought could inspire you and you will see that your home really lacks a modern sunroom. If you’re wondering about how it can fit in a modern home, then take a look at the rest of the interior designs of our modern style showcase, featuring the modern kitchenbathroombedroomliving roomdining roomhome officekids’ roomhome barstaircase, and hallway. Enjoy!

1. Modern Sunroom

2. Cascade Modern

3. NT house

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4. Modern Conservatory

5. Rockingham Residence

6. Luxurious modern sunroom

7. Mt Rain House

8. Hillbrook Drive Residence

9. Modern sunroom with sliding glass walls

10. Mosman

11. Tarrytown Pavilion

12. Large modern sunroom with a dining table

13. Elegant conservatory

14. Miami Penthouse

15. Soskin Residence

16. South Beach

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16 Minimalist Modern Kids’ Room Designs That Are Anything But Bare

Unlike what many people think about the modern home design, its minimalism doesn’t mean that it is empty. It is not bare of decorations and details although they are more in line with the style, following the sharp and straight lines, painted in solid colors. But certainly not bare!
We are going to prove that to you with the place that should never be bare – the modern kids’ room interior. The designs that you’ll see below are going to show you that besides the commodities and storage, the modern kids’ room has got plenty of decorations, accents and details.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Minimalist Modern Kids’ Room Designs That Are Anything But Bare. Feel free to carefully check them out below. These modern kids’ room designs are a perfect way to gather inspirational ideas that you can use to improve the comfort of your children. If you’re wondering how to connect the design of the modern kids’ room with the rest of your modern home, then check out our recent collections of the modern style showcase, including designs of the modern kitchenbathroombedroom,    living roomdining room and home office. Enjoy!

1. Riverdale 40H

2. Smart Home Alpenchic

3. Noe Valley Residence

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4. Camberwell One

5. Modern Nursery

6. West King Edward

7. Modern Kids’ Room

8. Beach Ave

9. A Minimalist Home That’s Anything but Bare

10. Stonington Waterfront

11. Modern Kids’ Room

12. Palo Alto Residence

13. Sweeney Lake House

14. 94th Street Townhouse

15. Modern Loft Kids’ Room

16. Modern Kids’ Room Interior Design

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17 Spectacular Modern Dining Room Interiors You Simply Have To See

The urban modern life rarely leaves enough time for the entire family to sit down together for lunch. This is one of the reasons that a lot of new homeowners skip out on the dining room in their home completely. Others do it because of space limitations. Then there are people who would rather dine in front of the TV in the living room.
Regardless, we want to show you that the modern dining room is still relevant and it should exist in every modern home. The modern dining room is more than just a dining table and chairs. It is an integral piece of the interior design of your home and without it, there’s no closure.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 17 Spectacular Modern Dining Room Interiors You Simply Have To See. You’ll have a chance to see inspirational ideas in the photos that are a part of this collection but if you think that you haven’t had enough of the modern style, then make sure to check out our recently started showcase of this style. In it, we’ve already featured plenty of interior areas such as the modern kitchenbathroombedroom and living room. Enjoy!

1. Wohnhaus S

2. The Landscape House

3. Modern Dining Room

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4. Whitton loft conversion

5. Ferndale

6. Modern Dining Room


8. Riverhouse Residence

9. New Modern Build

10. Shaftesbury Avenue

11. Highgate Home Refurbishment

12. Modern Dining Room

13. I/O house

14. Telegraph Hill Periscope

15. Lakeway Whole House Renovation

16. Venice Residence

17. Manthena Farm House

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20 Stunning Modern Living Room Designs That Will Dazzle You

A lot of people are afraid of the modern style because they consider it to be a soulless style that lacks personality. For some reason, they think it is cold and empty but anyone who has experienced a true modern home would know different.
The modern living room is a cozy and inviting space that stuns with its simplicity. Yes, simple doesn’t mean cold and empty. It means practical and functional while retaining an elegant and stylish look. The best way to show you what a modern living room actually looks like is by providing you plenty of different examples, which is exactly what we did in this collection.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 20 Stunning Modern Living Room Designs That Will Dazzle You. Take a moment to examine the following living rooms and you will see that they are comfortable and sleek. If that is not enough for you, then take a look at our previous collections of the modern showcase, including designs of the modern kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Modern Living Room

2. Little John Residence in Portland, Maine

3. Upper Rockridge Residence

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4. Sioux Falls Modern

5. Modern Home Interior

6. North Atlantic Beach Modern

7. Modern Living Room

8. Riverhouse Residence

9. Bass Residence

10. Modern Living Room

11. Al Barsha Villa

12. Space Pod in Colorado

13. Courtnell Street, Notting Hill, London W2

14. Bar House

15. Cammeray House

16. Peconic House Living Room

17. Modern Living Room

18. Chalet Blanche

19. Harmony House

20. Layered House

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Modern Italian bedroom furniture

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AntiquesTo achieve the feeling of space and freedom in a small room, use a round rug. The circle itself symbolizes eternity and brings those vibrations to the interior. He cuts and splits the room, creating the illusion of extra space. To enhance this effect, well it would just be doubled. For example, using a round coffee table or modern Italian bedroom furniture.

Quite often we see designs with a closed space under the stairs. Usually, he discharged the role of a small closet – it keeps useless things. In the end, there are additional partitions that stop the eye and create a feeling of a small, confined space. To avoid this, simply eliminate all these back room. How much space, light and space immediately appears in the interior!

Let the sunlight in and not window heavy curtains. This tip mainly applies to the loggias and balconies, but it is quite possible to be applied to the living room. Large glass Windows, white painted themselves look attractive, they are in the interior freshness and purity.

The best accent for a Sunny room

But, if you are uncomfortable with the Windows open, replace the heavy curtain and thick fabric for flowy organza or tulle weightless. The best accent for a Sunny room, loggia, will, of course, summer yellow.

Nothing makes your interior more unique than Antiques or decorative items, made with their own hands. But not everyone can afford the antique furniture and expensive paintings. In this case we have a good alternative – try to decorate the interior of the old maps of the area in which you live or from where you come from. You can hang this card in virtually any room, and her story will be a wonderful decoration of your home. Where to get these cards, you ask? Go to your nearest flea market or flea market and you will be surprised how many interesting decorations you can find for your interior.

Only alone Wallpaper can be mitigated or, conversely, to increase the impression of the interior. If you want to add the room more character and paints – choose a Wallpaper with a pattern. It can be graphic, floral, ethnic motifs. But note that the rest of the modern Italian bedroom furniture needs to be discreet and mild, as in this case, the Wallpapers are the main decorative element.

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16 Seducing Contemporary Living Room Designs That Will Satisfy You

The showcase of the contemporary style that we have started to work on not that long ago has already brought quite a lot of designs on the table that can give you ideas and inspire you with motivation to get through the day. Now, it is time to expand it even more with a new collection that will showcase you the contemporary living room interior design.
The images that you can see below are full of excellent ideas that you can extract and upgrade your design book with. They will also show you the basic design elements of the contemporary interior design style when it comes to the living room.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Seducing Contemporary Living Room Designs That Will Satisfy You. This collection is the next part of our contemporary design style showcase as we mentioned above. Some of the previous designs featured in this showcase include 16 Irresistible Contemporary Kitchen Designs You’ll Want To Cook In, 22 Captivating Contemporary Bathroom Designs That Will Blow You Away and 16 Attracting Contemporary Bedroom Designs You Wouldn’t Want To Leave
Enjoy these new interior designs and stay tuned for more!

Hyde Park Gardens

Edwardian House Fulham

Contemporary Living Room

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Yorkville Condo II

Bella Manor

Nob Hill Remodel

Barcode House

St. Moritz – Legno Bastone European Elegance

Contemporary Living Room

Pestovo Apartment

Rising Glen

La Gorce Palace 2, Miami Beach

Aspen 38 Display Home


Ultra Modern Jupiter Riverfront Estate

Clarendon Addition

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15 Beautiful Modern Living Room Designs Your Home Desperately Needs Ideas From

The only place that you can use to watch TV, read a book or take a nap that can also be used to welcome friends and drink a cup of coffee in anyone’s home must be the living room. Because of its versatility, the living room is a very important piece of any home’s decor which gives a lot of importance to its design.
The modern living room is very different from traditional living rooms that seem to be the most common design nowadays. First of all, a modern living room shouldn’t have too many things on display unlike the traditional living room. In order to best understand what a modern living room interior design should look like, check out the pictures that we have featured below.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 15 Beautiful Modern Living Room Designs Your Home Desperately Needs Ideas From. This new collection is a part of our showcase that aims to cover all of the parts of the modern home. So far, we have managed to bring you 18 Stunning Modern Kitchen Designs That Will Make Your Day, 18 Extraordinary Modern Bathroom Interior Designs You’ll Instantly Want To Have and 16 Luxurious Modern Bedroom Designs Flickering With EleganceEnjoy and stay tuned for more!

Seattle City View

Kitzlinger Haus

Ørestads Boulevard

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Appartamento CasaClima

La Jolla Modern Beach House

Modern attic

Modern Living Room in Japan

waterfront house archipelago


Modern Renovation

U Life

Villa moderna


Coastal Modern Fusion

Pergo Denmark

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